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Hosted PBX – Big Benefits For Your Small Business


Communication among the staff of a business firm or that between a customer and a business representative is very much required for the proper running of a business firm. Small business firms always prefer the cheapest means of communication. A Hosted private branch exchange (PBX) system offers PBX phone services for communication at reasonable cost. PBX phone services provide internal telephone connections in private organizations, small scale business firms such as medical offices, financing companies, insurance services, advertising agencies, and wholesale and retail agencies.

The various ultra modern features of a PBX system include voice mail, fax mail, auto attendant, call forwarding, auto dialing, automatic call distributor, conference call and more. All these facilities are made available to small business firms at low monthly service charges. PBX system provides access to all staffs and departments of the company through a single number. You can provide custom settings to greet customers when calls arrive. Facility to direct a call to a particular department or extension and provide the directory containing details of the extension number of employees is also available. Automatic call distribution (ACD) facility provides even distribution of calls to employees in a department. Playing music or custom message facility is possible when callers are waiting. Sending voice message, transferring calls between extensions, attending multiple incoming calls are all possible in a PBX system. It can also provide detailed information of phone calls.

PBX system offers customers easy access to business representatives and provides a good image to the callers about your company. PBX system offers toll free numbers and local numbers as per your business requirement. This helps to engage in long distance calls at the rate of local calls. Fax services are provided for quick response to callers. PBX phones are customizable according to various business requirements. Configuration through computer is also provided in PBX phones. All these features appropriate for a small business firm are available at minimum cost through a hosted PBX system.


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